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We transform our clients' homes into beautiful, functional spaces and transform health and happiness at the same time.

There are so many elements of our day that can affect your mood, and many of them may feel like they’re a bit out of your control. Things like social interactions, stress levels, commutes and traffic, work environment, and the temperament of those around you can easily tip the scale for better or worse on how you’re feeling about your day.

So what can you control? Your surroundings at home. Studies have shown that your surroundings can have a strong influence on things such as mood, motivation, creativity, sociability, and stress levels.

Is your home environment not working for you or your family? Do you crave coming home to a beautiful, functional, healthy, and relaxing space? Go Green Fine Interiors can help! We have a unique approach to interior design where we delve into what matters to you and we weave in suggestions for health (physical and mental) and wellness along the design journey. We want to help you live your best life!

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Whether it's one room or a whole house, Go Green Home offers various interior design services to clients in Southeast North Carolina and beyond. We focus on sustainable design principles, practices, and materials.

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If you are frustrated trying to choose a paint color for your room or don't know what will look great with your existing design, it's time to get a paint color consultation from a certified color consultant.

Short Term Rental Interior Design Services

We will help you design the perfect layout for the floor plan and get beautiful marketing photos. With our creative and thoughtful designs inside and out, we can create an experience that your renters will never forget.

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We use our experience to create yours

Through our many years of design experience and sustainable interior design training, we know the importance of considering physical and mental health and wellness in design decisions. Our clients love our intentionality in this area.

Most of our clients can attest to the fact that our incorporating low to no-VOC furnishings, natural materials, plants, and elements of nature in the home, their overall indoor air quality, health and happiness were improved.

"I believe that sustainable design is every designer’s responsibility and I strive to incorporate environmentally friendly design solutions into each project."

Judy Cossette, Certified Sustainable Interior Designer


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We start by listening... your likes, dislikes, dreams, desires, health concerns,  and budget. We take detailed notes for future reference, as we design according to your likes, not ours.

Judy Cossette, interior designer

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Judy brings enthusiasm to her design projects. We had to sell our mother’s home after she passed away and she helped us restage with the furniture we had there. She helped us choose beautiful paint colors that made the house shine. She recommended contractors to work on the house. Her communication is excellent and she is professional and kind. And did I mention fun to work with…..Do not hesitate to use this company for your decorating needs.
Judy is super easy to work with… she’s creative, conscious of your thoughts/opinions and of your money! She will do everything necessary to ensure you are a satisfied customer!! And she is also mindful of the environment suggesting eco-friendly choices if you are inclined to do so. I would recommend Judy to anyone!!!
Great working with Judy. Helped pick all the paint colors in our new home. Tremendous help
Trying to decide on paint colors for interior house paint was more than I was prepared to do. It is quite an investment! Judy was a delightful rescuer. Her suggestions were excellent, and together we came up with a plan, ready for the painter. I am grateful for her guidance and confidence!
Judy will go hard at work for you! Some of her suggestions may have you thinking out of the box or out of your comfort zone, but all you have to do is let her know what you like and don’t like and she is hard at work to find the right fit for what your looking for in your home decor. She will go the extra mile to make you a happy customer!
I could not be more happy! Judy designed my office to make it fit my personality. It reflects my love of the outdoors and still looks very professional. I am semi retired but still need to do business regularly. She made a great space that allows me to work comfortably and I enjoy being at the office. I love to bring people here and I receive many compliments on it. Thank you Judy!
Judy Cossette is Wilmington's "Go To" environmentally friendly designer! She has the ability to transform any space!!
Judy is wonderful. She listens to your needs and wants and respects our ideas and taste. But Judy shows people new ideas in decorating for your personal space, as well as, a commercial space. Judy is a fun person to be with and very knowledgeable in decorating. You won't regret using Judy for all your decorating needs. Thank you Judy for being such a great creative person.
Judy created beautiful spaces using what was in my home as well as shopping for me within my budget. Could not be more pleased with the results!
I’ve used go green home staging and redesign on two separate occasions. Once to redesign/decorate my living room and kitchen and again for my bedroom. I can’t say enough about them, they do a fantastic job and are my “go-to” for my interior design
Judy was wonderful to work with and has incredible talents and taste. She transformed my house with her decor into a modern, updated and cozy home. My house looked stunning and made a HUGE difference in the speed of selling my house. Judy is also such a joy to work with...she is warm and positive and made my entire experience exceptional. I can’t recommend Judy highly enough! She is fantastic!
Judy Cossette and the Go Green team did a tremendous job staging my home to be sold. The house went on the market Saturday and was under contract on Tuesday! Go Green Home Staging and Redesign, LLC Rocks!!! I'm grateful for my realtor, Tim Howard, for the consultation with Judy. My husband and I had planned to show our house with empty rooms, but we do not regret hiring Go Green! Judy handled the rest as she endeavored to help us sell our 1055 square feet home that had new flooring and fresh paint, but needed tender loving care. I never paid attention before meeting Judy to intricate details of placement and accessorizing. Now, I'm more interested in the craft of interior design having met her. She is patient, resourceful, fast, thorough, and has an excellent crew too. I fully recommend her services!
Called judy,got her name from Internet.She was so much help.She came over to my new place right away and assessed my new space.I'm a single guy, just moved to North Carolina from California. I don't have the greatest sense of style. She. turned my place into a showplace.She came over to help with the movers when I couldn't be there because of work.She really helped me out.She takes your budget into account and doesn't go overboard.She is well known in the community and has access to some great deals and discounts with local furniture stores and design businesses.I wound highly recommend her, you won't be sorry!
Called upon Judy when I heard of her from a business associate. She came to my client's home in Holden Beach, NC. Judy spent a lot of time with this couple and really helped to point out small changes in their decor to add a sense of style the home was missing. My clients were very impressed not only with Judy, but with my having brought her into the effort to sell their home.

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