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Go Green Home offers full-service, eco-friendly interior design services to clients in Southeast North Carolina and beyond. This offering ensures every aspect of your project is handled from start to finish. 

We love designing all kinds of spaces, from family homes, AirBnB's, apartments, offices, "she-sheds", to medical offices, lobbies and the like.  

Your experience with us will be fun, smooth, professional, and clear. We'll help you transform your space, your health and the planet. Here is our process:

The Process: Full-Service

1. The process starts with an introductory Zoom call to determine if we will be a good fit for each other.

2. The project kicks off with our in-depth intake session.

3. The team measures your space and takes all the photos and videos we will need.

4. Floor plans show you where furniture, room elements, and traffic flows will go.

5. We put together an itemized procurement list for each room.

6. Green goals for each project are outlined in our proprietary, customized green guide.

7. A written summary with 3D model imagery explains our plan in every room.

8. All products and materials are sourced and put into a purchase proposal.

9. We create a tracking schedule and have a facility receive and check all deliveries.

10. We schedule your installation for a transformational experience upon your return.

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