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Did you know that indoor air quality can be up to 5X worse than outdoor air quality? Are you aware that the chemicals and adhesives in your cabinets, furniture, decor, mattresses, flooring, carpeting, fabrics, or finishes might be making you, your family members, and your pets sick? 

If you would like to be more health conscious with your design decisions, Go Green Fine Interiors can help. We make it easy and affordable for you. We have a plethora of healthy and sustainable furnishings and material sourcing companies at our fingertips and make the path to transformation a breeze. 

While it's nearly impossible to have 100% toxin free interiors, it's all about making better choices.

We offer several interior design services and packages to clients. We're very easy to work with. We love designing all kinds of spaces, from family homes, short-term rentals, apartments, offices, "she-sheds", to medical offices, lobbies and the like.  

Your experience with Go Green Fine Interiors will be fun, smooth, professional, and clear. We'll help you transform your space and your health at the same time!

Judy Cossette

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